Tycoon$ is a massive multiplayer online business simulation. It is possible to play as manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler or shipper.

The game is still in development. A first public alpha release is planned for spring 2019.

Game World

  • 249 real countries with up to 2.3 Mio cities
  • Population system with 5 worker classes and 5 age groups
  • Taxes, customs duties and automatic city development
  • One game month is 7 real days long


  • 700+ Industries
  • Thousands of products and commodity chains
  • Complex real estate system (buy, sell, build, rent, ..)
  • Agriculture simulation

Trade & Transport

  • Real world transport distances / calulations / dispatch types
  • Different transport systems (trucks, trains, planes and ships)
  • Commodity market and direct marketing

and many more...

  • Brand awareness
  • Financial accounting
  • Personell management
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • ...